Item Servings
9x13 Lasagna 9-10
9x13 Eggplant Parmesan 9-10
9x13 Baked Rigatoni 10-12
9x13 Gnocchi 8-10
9x13 Rigatoni 10-12
Chicken Parmesan 1
20 Ravioli Cheese, Meat or Mixture N/A
Bowl of Salad With Dressing 7-10
Quart of Soup or Sauce N/A
Loaf of Bread N/A
Tray of Meatballs with Sauce (20) N/A
Tray of Hot Sausage Pepper Onion (20) N/A
Large Chef Salad N/A
Vegetable or Cheese Tray N/A
Fried Appetizer Tray N/A
Fried Chicken Breasts (48 PC) (Wing, Leg, Breast, Thigh) 40-50
Dozen Wings with Sauce N/A
Spaghetti & Steakhouse
Hot Rod Lounge